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Nov 22, 2022

Habits & Health episode 93 with Holly Middleton, a movement coach who helps your body to move the way it wants to so you reclaim ownership of your body.

She specialises in restoring global movement patterns by fine-tuning movements of the skeleton. 

Through gait analysis, foot function assessments, and joint-by-joint movement screenings she teaches clients to restore missing movement patterns and coordinate them with whole-body movements. For the athletic and curious-minded clients who want to become more body-aware and uplevel their performance.

02:40 What is a movement coach?
05:11 Differences between a movement coach, osteopath, chiropracter etc
07:05 Injuries caused by footwear
10:25 Perception of our bodies
14:19 Katie Bowman
15:20 Barefoot shoes
21:14 Foot agility
22:56 Warming up before activity
24:33 Common injuries
27:46 Stretches that should be avoided
31:44 Dynamic stretches
32:59 When to do static stretches
34:44 Insoles
37:43 How Holly got into this field
40:34 Hollie's typical clients

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