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Series 1: Exceeding Expectations - Episodes 1 to 100

Series 2: Happy vs Flourishing - Episodes 1 to 25

Series 3: Habits & Health - Episodes 1 to 100

Series 4: The Art of Living Proactively (Harnessing the Power of Your Choices) - Episodes 1 to ...

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Sep 28, 2021

Habits & Health episode 33 with Hayley T. Wheeler who is an emotional empowerment coach, motivational speaker and workshop facilitator, helping people suffering with anxiety, depression, stress management and many similar issues.

She runs a programme called EmotionMind Dynamic and has been transofming the lives of many...

Sep 21, 2021

Habits & Health episode 32 with Dr Renee Wellenstein, a functional medicine practitioner in New York. She stepped outside the box of conventional medicine to take a radically novel approach to heal herself from the deep depths of burnout. She has overcome several obstacles and mastered the art of leaping into...

Sep 14, 2021

Habits & Health episode 31 with Tricia Nelson an internationally acclaimed author, transformational speaker and emotional eating expert. She has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, to name a few.

Tricia has successfully helped hundreds of people overcome a variety of eating disorders and addictions and we discuss that...

Sep 7, 2021

Habits & Health episode 30 with Dr. Dawson Church who is an author, speaker and founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (

In this episode we discuss the neuroscience around remodeling your brain, emotions, genetics, EFT and a lot more.

Dawson's books:

Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of...