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Series 1: Exceeding Expectations - Episodes 1 to 100

Series 2: Happy vs Flourishing - Episodes 1 to 25

Series 3: Habits & Health - Episodes 1 to 100

Series 4: The Art of Living Proactively (Harnessing the Power of Your Choices) - Episodes 1 to ...

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Feb 22, 2022

Habits & Health episode 54 with Dr Bill Hang, an orthodontist who for 32 years has been reversing previous orthodontic retraction by re-opening orthodontic extraction spaces to give people back their face, improve breathing and eliminate OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) when possible.

He explains that the most important...

Feb 15, 2022

Habits & Health episode 53 with Sarah Tait who for many years said 'yes' to everything and everyone, a perfectionist trying to spin far too many plates for most of her life, until one day it was too much and she cracked and suffered severe burnout leading to a psychotic episode.

Now a qualified coach, she helps people...

Feb 8, 2022

Habits & Health episode 52 with Dr Jenny Goodman. She is a member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, has specialised in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine for the last 20 years and has a particular interest in pre-conception care (fertility and making healthy babies), and in working with children....

Feb 1, 2022

Habits & Health episode 51 with Filippo di Lenardo who has launched 3SSENTIA, which is a Work-life experience platform that combines AI and the science of wellbeing to help professionals feel more balanced, energised and inspired in their day.

We discuss how the app will help people, who it's aimed at, furture...