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Jun 28, 2022

Habits & Health episode 72 with Hans Ambachtsheer founder and CEO of MenElite, he creates step-by-step solutions – from articles and eBooks to coaching and consulting, to education and media – for the worlds hard-charging, high-achievers to live truly limitless lives with fully optimized minds, bodies, and spirit.

Hans helps to become the complete mental athlete with a flawless brain and nervous system; attain an ideal human body that fires on all cylinders from performance to beauty to hormones and beyond; or achieve true and lasting health, happiness, and longevity; He combines intense time-in-the-trenches with ancestral wisdom and modern science to make dreams a reality.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Benefits of testosterone
  • His ideal clients
  • Can you have too much testosterone?
  • Issues resulting from too low testosterone
  • How cold and heat affect it
  • Why sunlight and vitamin D is so important
  • Supplements
  • Journalling and daily logs
  • Suggestions for men of 40+

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