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Mar 12, 2019

Nicholas Brice helped transform the fortunes of Brighton Football Club’s off-field activities that resulted the club winning awards from fans of other clubs
Fewer than 30% of people in a national survey said they were engaged in the job they did. Nicholas discusses the problems this can bring to organisations, and the problems that results from accepting adequate standards.
What he learnt from working on a project with Toyota in Japan
Why you shouldn’t choose your best practitioner to be the team leader
He wrote a book called “Brand Alchemy”
What he learnt about Kaizen - “There is no best only better”
He tells us about his programme “Speaking with Presence and Impact"
360 Degrees provide leadership speakers for business with 20-40 min high impact keynotes to get people thinking. Challenge people to consider new ways of leading…with more ‘soul’.  As well as the best keynote speeches, perhaps add one or two of their 60-180 minute masterclasses to your programme. Packed with action planning guides & tangible take-outs.  They also combine their sessions for longer ‘retreat’ experiences of two or three days.
They often use their work with the American Express Community Stadium as a backdrop.  Much more than just a speech on football. It is the story of how a new stadium is developed to deliver history making sales and attendance increases.  A story of how a board of directors, leaders and staff connect with the soul of the stadium, the Club and the public. How this enabled the team to achieve history making sales and attendance increases…in two short years. 
Their tools and methods are used with a range of other major national and international brands and have been developed over the past 35 years. Therefore the sessions are highly practical and grounded in real success.
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