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Series 1: Exceeding Expectations - Episodes 1 to 100

Series 2: Happy vs Flourishing - Episodes 1 to 25

Series 3: Habits & Health - Episodes 1 to ?

Jul 20, 2021

Habits & Health episode 23 with Grace Elizabeth who is a wellness coach with a very different approach to the norm. She makes the experience of working with her a fun one for her clients and helps them to love their bodies and not put pressure on themselves.


Jul 6, 2021

Habits & Health episode 21 with Karese Laguerre who is a Myofunctional Therapist helping people treat many conditions and reduce or eliminate the use of medication in many cases.



Accomplished: How to Sleep Better, Eliminate Burnout,...

Jun 29, 2021

Habits & Health episode 20 with Tim James the founder and CEO of, a mission-based organisation, passionate about helping everybody ignite their highest excitement in life by putting themselves and their health first.

Tim's links:
Habits & Health...

Jun 22, 2021

Habits & Health episode 19 with Bas Lebesque in which we explore many unhelpful habits Bas managed to overcome... except coffee. That's one he can't beat!

He is an executive mindcoach and helps clients find balance and work on their mindset. Mostly with senior corporate business owners and executives.

Recommended book...

Jun 15, 2021

Habits & Health episode 18 with Kathryn H Britton, co-author of the book "Character Strengths Matter" and we discuss the importance of positive psychology and effective ways of making it work for you.

Topics discussed include:

  • The work of Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson in positive psychology and Character...