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Jan 14, 2020

"Self-awareness is fundamental to being coachable" In this episode, we speak with Mark Green who coaches CEOs and executive teams worldwide.

His passion is to liberate human potential and addresses, coaches and advises business leaders across a wide range of industries on topics including leadership, mindset, behaviour change, human performance, accountability.
Mark is a Core Advisor to Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, a mentor to coaches worldwide, and an active contributor to programs and content for their global ecosystem and works with companies to help them escape the "Growth Trap" so they can run and grow the business faster and more profitably, while expending less effort and less time.
Topics discussed in this episode:
    • Structuring engagements
    • Having a guarantee and open door policy
    • How he helped a client’s employee’s wife learn more about how to get into coaching
    • The use of transparency in client communications – General Contractor, Restaurant, Technology Services
    • An incredible experience with Uncruise, a small ship eco/adventure cruise line
    • The true cost of tolerating the wrong person on your team
    • How to hire the right coach
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