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Series 1: Exceeding Expectations - Episodes 1 to 100

Series 2: Happy vs Flourishing - Episodes 1 to 25

Series 3: Habits & Health - Episodes 1 to ?

Feb 26, 2019

Michelle Mills-Porter's first business was the youngest company to win Investors in People and also won Service Company of the year. Not long afterwards she was in the tsunami that devastated SE Asia and that encounter accelerated her learning about human behaviour. Clients always used to ask "Michelle, are you psychic, because she would be able to preempt what they wanted, even over the phone... Now she helps people to predict the needs and wants of others to build massive rapport, that turn into long lasting relationships that are virtually impenetrable by the competition.
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The magnificence of humanity, TEDx on Michelle’s tsunami experience
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Her Award Winning Comedy Night set

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