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Oct 6, 2020

Happy Vs Flourishing episode 7 features Ben Afia, a man who make companies more human - in their culture, brand and communications.
We learn bow changing your language, can change how people behave, help everyone connect, not just as employees with professional facades, but as humans. Which results in them being more energised, engaged and feel part of something bigger than themselves. They're confident responding to customers’ changing needs so their companies find it easier to give customers what they promised.

Some items discussed:

  • How language is used in a uniform way across corporations
  • The importance of tone of voice
  • The issues that can evolve because of the differences in tone of voice of different generations and different cultures
  • How archeology helps with communication
  • Why some companies are turning away existing customers because of the poor language are using
  • Language is always evolving and how that should be taken into consideration
  • Language rules vs language styles
  • The difference it makes to your communication in using words of Anglo Saxon, French and Latin origin
  • How can you create communication that resonates with all generations of the age scale
  • Encouraging debt collectors to be more human!
  • How the situation with COVID-19 is changing communication
Speaker Showreel:
Learn how your language can transform your brand, culture and communication.
Ebook: Cut The Crap - Learn how to cut the crap and write in a clear and human way. Read our 5 steps to effective writing that connects.
Brand tone of voice: is it the icing on the cake, or is it the cake?
Nine steps to getting great work from copywriters
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