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Sep 22, 2020

Happy Vs Flourishing episode 5 is with Simon Jordan the founder of the 5ThingsClear movement and runs a branding and marketing company helping coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs stop playing small and make a difference so the world notices.

Simon is very passionate about a number of things and that comes across clearly on this episode.

We discuss:

  • We can’t ignore our planet at any cost and must contribute to keep our beautiful Mother Earth alive and healthy. The hot topic today is how much plastic and rubbish we have dumped into our oceans and on our precious land which is a tragedy to see every day
  • How #5ThingsClear has reduced millions of items of litter from beaches, woods and streets around the globe
  • What true branding really is
  • Why you can't win the battle against reality and flow
  • How he turned his life around from trying to win such a battle
  • The reasons he swims in the sea first thing every morning regardless of the temperatures
  • Cold adaptation
  • Why trying to control your life can lead to disaster

Simon's recommended book:

Michael Singer - The Surrender Experiment

Simon's favourite quotes:

Ralph Waldo Emerson: "True success is knowing that someone else has breathed more easily because you've been there".

"If you're not worried about the kudos anything is possible".

Simon's dad


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