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Jun 24, 2023

On this episode of The Art of Living Proactively (Harnessing the Power of Your Choices), host Tony Winyard invites guest Mark Wingfield to discuss Havening techniques and its revolutionary impact as a neuroscience-based therapy. They delve into the development of Havening by Dr. Ron Ruden and how it helps individuals deal with traumatizing memories that might hold them back from past experiences. The episode features various examples of how the technique positively helps people around the world with emotional well-being, chronic pain, and stress. Additionally, other guests speak about how the technique has played a pivotal role in their lives, from becoming a certified practitioner to training children and their parents. The episode also touches on the spread of Havening techniques globally through online training during COVID-19. The episode concludes with a comprehensive guide on how to perform self-Havening and how to attend live events that offer more comprehensive help.

00:02:05 Eclectic mix steered by interests and education.
00:05:04 Language skills lead to varied career path.
00:12:25 Havening is a therapy for emotion.
00:15:31 Treating life as an experiment with Havening.
00:21:28 Life has challenges, but Havening helps cope.
00:23:57 Emotional wellbeing is crucial for coping with trauma.
00:28:00 Emotions stay, but physical reactions disappear.
00:32:56 Six Sigma methodology used for quality projects.
00:36:46 Certification for various backgrounds, some personal interest.
00:40:45 Havening practitioners are widespread across countries.
00:43:31 Learn about Havening in one hour session.
00:50:24 Luke Watts: Founder of The Cancer Coach.

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