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Oct 25, 2022

Habits & Health episode 89 with Lindsey Byrne, specialising in helping people reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's, using natural approaches to address the root causes.

Lindsey is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Certified Re:CODE 2.0 Health Coach. She helps people get their partner back, reversing the symptoms without going down the road of pharmaceuticals, using natural approaches to address the root causes.
Some of the topics discussed in this episode include:
  • How big a problem is Alzheimer's
  • How Lindsey got into this
  • Her Mum's experience
  • A typical journey for those wanting to do the protocol
  • Some of the causes
  • Results her clients have had
  • Some of the best bits and hardest bits for clients
  • What you can do to reduce your chances of getting dementia

Link to the studies referenced in this episode:

Ninety-nine percent of ailing NFL player brains show hallmarks of neurodegenerative disease, autopsy study finds

Brain injury found in 99 percent of donated brains of NFL players in new study

The Bredesen Protocol

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