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Jan 8, 2019

The first thing you see on Gerry's site is

"Customers are your lifeblood. lose them and you bleed to death"

Gerry is known as The Customer Lifeguard. His mission is to save the world from bad customer service and if you have been to many high street stores recently you'll realise just how much work he has on his hands!

He helps breathe life into customer service operations and customer experience strategy and ensures their strategy, people and technology are all aligned to provide positive outcomes for their customers and colleagues.

Gerry has provided organisational leadership on people development, business transformation, customer engagement and technology enablement for huge companies in the UK, Canada, and EMEA. Including the likes of National Express, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, The Royal Albert Hall, O2, Screwfix, Sage, BSkyB, Bell Canada and TELUS.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Good and bad customer experience and talk about some of the airlines and telephone companies as examples.
  • Gerry gives great suggestions on how companies can go implement better systems to improve the experience their customers receive.
  • How AI will impact customer service.
  • Customer service in the US, Canada and UK


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