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Nov 12, 2019

Dr Jacqui Taylor is a Cyberpreneur, a Top 10 Global IoT innovator, a Smart Cities Tsar, a UK Science Diplomat, Professor, Aerospace Engineer...

She has an Honorary Doctorate of Science and a top 10 global Internet of Things innovator she doesn’t just predict the future she engineers it using cutting edge web science research. In this episode, she talks about clarifying and demystifying the future for you and spotlighting the megatrends inspiring you to align your organisation to profit from the Internet of Things.

We explore many different areas in this episode including:

  • Working as a strategic advisor to governments inc the UK, China
  • Advising central banks and organisations such as Unicef
  • How her company Flying Binary positively impacted over 90 countries
  • Being involved in the project of building the internet of things - which changes our society and the way we live in the world
  • Story of discussion with Sir Tim Berners-Lee creator of the internet
  • Jacqui is a Smart City Tzar
  • Gen Z and the hugely increasing influence they’re having on the economy - the first generation that has been immersed in the web, whereas the Millennials were ‘adaptives’
  • AI, AR, VR, GR and how this will emerge in the next few years
  • Robots run her office!
  • Oculus 
  • The future of the cybersecurity industry
  • Global education
  • The amount of Global cooperation that is happening may surprise you
  • Working on the Wikileaks project
  • Her talk at Davos earlier this year
  • How a young boy she mentored became a millionaire by 11
  • Do you realise how high a security risk your thermostat might be?
  • The Empathy Economy
  • Jacqui's equation, which is her formula for success she uses every day and why most people have at least one component missing
  • World Economic Forum research;the foundation for her CyberSmart entrepreneurs success path. and underpins the Empathy Economy
Her favourite customer service quote is from one of her heroes; Steve Jobs. It was from his Stamford address:
t: @flyingbinary
t: @jacquitaylorfb
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