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Series 1: Exceeding Expectations - Episodes 1 to 100

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Jun 25, 2019

Delano Jonson moved from the Bahamas to New York in 1995 aged 25 and his life changed enormously.
He's had 25 years experience with Brand Architecture, including re-branding the Toys R Us's online division. Under his direction Toys R Us went from $50 million a year in online sales to $750 million a year in online sales between 2009-2011.
His secret is always intuitively listening to his customers' request and that has given him a 95% accuracy rate in his client delivery. Delano says its not always what they say but what he senses in what they need.
Most recently his business partners have sealed a deal with Walmart where he is responsible for designing their new retail spaces within the Walmart locations with a brand new restaurant and kiosk set-up. He also was flown to Algeria, African to help the government re-brand the entire country in its business ventures!
He tells a few stories including:
  • What he learned as an eight-year-old from a man who watched him as he shopped. This story carried over into adulthood on how to treat money, people and service to others allowing for increased profit and profitability.
  • At age 15, he did a part-time job that had a lot of competition and he devised a way to give a better service to his customers. That decision to offer better service and more expensive products caused him to make more money than his competitors.
  • In New York, he worked at a restaurant and learnt things about the flags that hung from the 5-star restaurant he worked at that gave him a better understanding of the patrons which resulted in increased tips and demand for his services.
Book- refuse to live talented and broke
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