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Sep 24, 2019

Alexander Lowry is helping to revolutionise the MBA industry resulting in students spending less time and money and receiving great experiences during the process and are helped to find a job suitable for them afterwards.

Elevating the board conversation -- there have been so many press stories recently of companies failing, because the Boards failed to do their jobs, eg Uber, CBS, etc.  Plus there's an incredible need for more diversity of thought, eg gender, nationality, economic background, etc.  It seemed the corporate world was desperate for guidance.  So Alexander stepped up to fill a void -- there weren't podcasts dedicated to that in the board space, now there is since he launched his podcast: Boardroom Bound 
  •  He launched Gordon's MSFA program to solve all the problems and downsides of the MBA but retain all the upside. 
  • Students aren't considered to be a cog in a machine; they get incredible one-on-one access to Alexander and personal help in the job search. 
  • We hear how the students surprise and delight leads to incredible word-of-mouth advertising
  • We hear about Alexander's management consulting days
  • His unofficial motto was under-promise and over-deliver. He has always wanted to surprise and delight his clients

You can download a PDF created especially for the listeners of Exceeding Expectations called "How to become an exceptional Board Director Candidate" using this link


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