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Nov 29, 2022

Habits & Health episode 94 with Paula Allen who is  a Senior Vice- President at LifeWorks, trusted mental health & wellbeing partner to over 15,000 organizations around the world. She is the creator of the LifeWorks' Mental Health Index. We discuss mental health in the workplace and many other issues around mental wellbeing.

She is the Global Leader, Research and Total Wellbeing and a Senior Vice- President at LifeWorks, now a part of Telus Health and is the creator of the LifeWorks' Mental Health Index. Paula manages the research agenda for LifeWorks, which includes primary research conducted by LifeWorks, exploratory data science, research collaborations and meta-analyses. Given her focus on industry-leading research, Paula also leads LifeWorks thought leadership and is co-chair of the organization’s product and innovation strategy.

Timestamps for topics discussed in this episode:

01:54 Who are LifeWorks?
04:06 Is awareness around mental health improving?
05:16 Stigma around mental health
07:16 How the pandemic effected mental health issues
09:42 Mental Health First Aid
10:04 Mental health in the workplace training
11:48 Does Lifeworks only work with large organisations?
12:50 The many benefits a company receives by caring for their employees mental health
14:06 Employee retention
14:30 Confidentiality
15:48 The Mental Health Index
19:42 How different nations approach this topic
20:39 Examples of orgainsations that tackle this well
21:51 Training managers
22:54 Not forcing employees to speak about issues
24:07 How Paula got into this line of work
26:01 How things might change in the near future
28:10 Social media and mental health
29:32 General good habits for reducing mental health issues
31:10 Japanese teenagers not going outside
33:12 Social judgement
35:13 Paula's favourite books
35:46 The Stockdale Paradox
37:16 The importance of purpose
37:43 Details on how to contact Paula and Lifeworks
39:05 Favourite quote
39:57 Next week-episode 95 Dr Joe Mather

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