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Aug 11, 2020

In this weeks episode we talk with Nathanael Zurbuegg who has been pronounced dead on six occasions! He is also the founder and CEO of “Unlimit You“ and non-profit Organisation “Live Life to the Fullest“. He is a multiple award winning global inspirational speaker who is passionate about inspiring, empowering and to bring transformation to people from all walks of life!

From an incurable chronic illness and medical prognosis “He should be death six times by now” to an entrepreneur, global inspirational speaker and coach.

Some items discussed in this episode:

  • Chronically ill for 30 years and been through 3 failed kidney transplants and over 4300 Dialysis treatments so far, plus 3 lung infections.
  • As a coach, challenging the status quo but also remaining patient to help people to overcome their current situations.
  • Speaking for non profits without a high budget
  • Building programmes to help parents
  • Moving to Sydney in Australia to study in a Leadership college
  • The Stroke he had at 3 years old that led to 2 weeks in coma
Favourite Book:
Think and grow rich - Napoleon Hill
Favourite Quote:
"There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge"
Napoleon Hill
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