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Jan 5, 2021

Happy Vs Flourishing episode 20 with Melanie Bloch is all about laughter. Melanie is an instructor in Laughter Yoga and if you've never heard of that before, you'll learn much more in this episode. There is far more laughter involved in the sessions than yoga, and the body oozes with feel-good chemicals as a result of so much laughing.

Topics discussed:
  • Origins of Laughter Yoga
  • Therapeutic benefits
  • Laughter Yoga has been an immense relief for many people in this pandemic
  • Practicing this in a corporate environment
  • Adapting to doing sessions online
Favourite book:
A contemporary spiritual text which Melanie uses as a daily practice 
'A Course In Miracles'
Favourite quote:
'Although the world is full of suffering. It is full also of the overcoming of it'
Helen Keller 
Coming up in January and Feb 
Intro to Laughter Therapy: 10th Jan 
Laughter Yoga Facilitation Skills: 17th Jan 
Inner Spirit of Laughter Workshop: 6th Feb 
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