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Jun 14, 2022

Habits & Health episode 70 with Magic Barclay, an Innate Immunity and Functional Health Solutions advanced practitioner, looking at root cause, finding the most natural source for supplementation and working with the 5 immune types.

She treats using wholeism - looking at the whole body and all the systems rather than reductionism (as most other doctors and naturopaths do)
which treat in isolation by reducing symptoms.
Magic treats root cause-
  • Why did you get sick?
  • Why is xyz happening to you?

Not 'this is how it feels, treat that'.

She is a mould toxicity master- Mould is the most prolific survivor amongst organisms, it suppresses your immune system in a multitude of ways.
And Magic specializes in the PNEI (Psycho Neuro Endo Immunology) of Trauma, and teaches it to other practitioners.
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