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Nov 30, 2021

Habits & Health episode 42 with Lynne Bowman. Her new book, Brownies for Breakfast, A Cookbook for Diabetics and the People Who Love Them, a 5-star rated best seller on Amazon, is a great, fun, read, and one of the best cookbooks you’ll have on your shelves, with everything you need to know about whole food, plant-based eating, shopping, equipping your kitchen, all in straightforward, no-bs language. In a previous life, she was Creative Director at E&J Gallo Winery, Advertising Manager at RedKen Laboratories, and worked with Silicon Valley, East Coast and Los Angeles advertising agencies. She has also worked as an actress, makeup artist, screenwriter, illustrator, legal journalist and television Weather Person. She is the mother of three grown children, two absolutely perfect grandchildren, and president of The Pescadero Foundation.

Facebook: Lynne Parmiter Bowman
YouTube: Lynne Bowman 
Instagram: LynneParmiterBowman 
Brownies for Breakfast, A Cookbooks for Diabetics and the People Who Love Them -
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