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May 31, 2022

Habits & Health episode 68 with Luke Chao, who uses hypnosis to help change the way people think to help tackle procrastination and bad habits.

Luke talks about the premise that there is such a thing as higher-quality thinking, that it’s the thought process of somebody who does not have your problem, and that long-term change happens once you’ve adopted their principles as your own. Normally, it’s a solid grounding in what’s truthful and reassuring, or truthful and empowering.
Often, his clients who feel stuck simply have never received helpful guidance as to what to think.
He has many YouTube videos and custom-written treatment plans, to ensure clients understand what he believes “higher-quality thinking” entails.Luke feels hypnotherapy works best when the client listens closely to the hypnotist’s sincere, unambiguous expression of principled thinking.
In this episode, we explore:
  • What is hypnotism?
  • How can you help someone with how to think and/or what to think?
  • How to get clients to think like someone who does not have the issue they have
  • Stoicism and Buddhism

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