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Oct 19, 2021

Habits & Health episode 36 with Justin Frandson, who is an Athleticism Performance Coach. He has worked with amateur and professional athletes for the past two decades and seen athletes breaking down from excessive levels of EMF from their SMART watches, wireless earbuds, and electric cars.

We discuss these issues and talking about the results of the testing he has done on hundreds of homes and clients. He sells Grounding and Faraday Bags at doctor clinics. The Grounding Bags are hand-mined crystals with moisture and magnetic properties to ground and repel EMF for a deeper night's sleep.

Recommended Books:
The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg -
The Truth about Contagion: Exploring Theories of How Disease Spreads by Thomas S Cowan MD -
Electric Body, Electric Health: Using the Electromagnetism Within (and Around) You to Rewire, Recharge, and Raise Your Voltage
Eileen Day McKusick -
Primal Resonance: Discover the Secrets of Health, Vitality, and Optimal Human Performance
by Dr. Steven Schwartz -
Favourite Quote:
Get grounded by nature

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