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Nov 17, 2020

Happy Vs Flourishing episode 13. Jonas Altman is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur on a mission to make the world of work more human. He creates transformational learning experiences to elevate and grow leaders around the globe.

His new book "SHAPERS: Reinvent the way you work and change the future" was recently released.

We  discuss:

  • London and travel
  • Workologist!
  • The intricate dance between teaching, learning, giving, mobilising, and coaching
  • The work conundrum
  • Shifters and shapers
  • Curiosity

Favourite Book:

The Great Gatsby 
by Francis Scott Fitzgerald 


Man's Search for Meaning

by Victor Frankl

Favourite Quote:

"No one is any one thing"

Martin Short


Shapers: Reinvent the Way You Work and Change the Future


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