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Jan 10, 2023

Habits & Health episode 100 with Joanne Kennedy, a Naturopath and specialist in MTHFR, histamine intolerance, gut health (SIBO), and women’s hormones. We discuss the role histamine plays in so many conditions.

Joanne runs a successful clinical practice in Sydney, Australia and sees patients online worldwide. Joanne’s approach is to identify the root cause of illness. This is done by the use of functional pathology testing, assessing the biochemical individuality of each patient, assessing environmental exposures as well as individual genetic testing if required.
Joanne is also the author of a book on Histamine
Intolerance and an Executive Contributor Writer for Brainz magazine.


00:00 100 - Joanne Kennedy

03:29 How Jo became a naturopath
07:08 How Jo began working with clients
08:52 Histamine intolerance
12:08 Treatment for histamine related conditions
13:39 How mould affects this
15:11 Asthma
15:37 Reasons to seek out a naturopathic or integrative medicine doctor
16:15 Joanne's e-book on histamine
17:46 Patients suffering from histamine related conditions
22:35 Menopause and perimenopause
24:04 The role womens genetic makeup plays
24:50 Why does Jo have so many clients in the USA?
27:35 What stage is science at with research into histamine?
28:59 Why entrepreneurs are needed for this area
31:46 Treating the body as a whole
33:22 Jo's fave book
35:16 Contact details
36:01 Favourite quote
37:59 The end of Habits & Health, but the beginning of the new show!

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