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May 17, 2022

Habits & Health episode 65 with Jay Fields, author of the book "Teaching People, Not Poses" and the Linkedin Learning courses "Managing Your Emotions at Work" and "Practices for Regulating Your Nervous System and Reducing Stress".

Jay is an educator, coach and author who has taught the principles of embodied social and emotional intelligence to individuals and organizations for twenty years. Her approach to helping people have their own back at work and in life is grounded, playful, empathic and intelligent. 

Her work is a blend of mindfulness, embodiment practices and psychological theories from different therapeutic modalities, all approached through the lens of Polyvagal Theory. In short, Polyvagal Theory is all about how to consciously work with yourself at the level of your nervous system. And because the nervous system so profoundly influences how we behave and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world around us, She found that the foundation of any growth process is understanding how to work with it in a way that is conscious and embodied.

Some topics discussed:

  • Two habits that have had the greatest impact on Jay's life:
    1. Checking in with her body on a regular basis
    2. Making sure she gets outside every day
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Jay's LinkedIn courses
  • Johari window

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Johari Window:

Johari window

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