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Oct 15, 2019

Jane Malyon is the founder of The English Cream Tea company and in this episode, she tells us how afternoon tea could save the world!

She is an expert in the currency of courtesy and delivered a TED talk on why it's important to make your clients (and staff) feel special and valued. She talks about how this can be done in a way that's so charming they will be made to feel like extended family and why good etiquette is valuable in business.

She has a best-selling book on the topic and the Guinness World Record for largest English Cream Tea!

If we transfer the niceness and consideration shown at afternoon tea, that 'pause' on what else is going on, being in rapport, listening, passing, sharing, engaging - those are the very traits we want in colleagues and companies with whom we do business. Niceness isn't weakness. It just makes this world a better place.

and I forgot to mention in the episode that Jane has a special offer for listeners: 

Use the discount code: POST10 (for use during November 2019) on any postable gift for 10% off at


TEDx talk: How Afternoon Tea Could Save The World (of course it could!)
Guinness World Record for the largest English Cream Tea Party:
Jane's top ten tips of English Cream Tea Etiquette Video
And a discount code for use during November 2019 on any postable gift: POST10 for 10% off.
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