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Jul 28, 2020

In this weeks show we talk with Geoff Thatcher the Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Creative Principals and Author of a new book called "The CEO's Time Machine'.

Geoff has been creating world-class experiences in corporate visitor centers, executive briefing centers, museums, theme parks and live events for many years.


Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Creative Leadership
  • His Book: The CEO’s Time Machine - which took 5 weeks from starting to finish!
    His daughter Zoe drew the illustrations for the book
  • Believes that most CEOs aren’t interested in the past and only interested in the future and that is a fatal flaw
  • “Start with the future and look back”
  • Companies make mistakes all the time by not looking back
  • Creativity
  • Working creatively with his daughter Zoe
  • Working on a project for the Science Museum in Shropshire - Irondale -Ingenuity
  • Where inventions lead to, which can be fascinating
  • “If you have to kill a project, don’t wound it, kill it dead”
  • Managing expectations - peoples unrealistic expectations in their workplace
  • Brainstorming
  • Serving the mutual interests of those around you
  • Separating business from work
  • Mergers and problems that can happen
  • Creating incredible experiences
  • Working on the opening of the Warner Bros World in Abu Dhabi
  • Working on the King Abdullah Foundation
  • “I don’t think history is about the past”
  • Mistakes made by the Wright Brothers around the business of flying
  • Worked on projects including Lockheed Martin, Warner Bros, Green Bay Packers,
  • Already written follow up book and plans for a third book
  • Strategy and execution

A book Geoff recommends:
Harrison "Buzz" Price - “Walts revolution by the numbers"
“Yes if”: The language of an enabler

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* Twitter: @geoffthatcher

The CEO's Time Machine

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