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Dec 13, 2022

Habits & Health episode 96 with Daniel Mansson, a clinical psychologist by training and in this episode we discuss Flow, a revolutionary new way of treating depression.

Daniel is the co-founder and previous CEO of Flow Neuroscience. A clinical psychologist by training. He now leads the scientific work at Flow as Chief Clinical Officer

In this episode we discuss:

03:21 Setting the company up
05:28 What is Flow?
07:41 How often should it be used?
08:49 The hardware
09:52 The 30 minute sessions
10:15 Reactions from users to the product
11:15 Where it's available
12:16 Can it be used for other ailments?
13:49 Are some people more receptive to this?
14:44 Do you get different reactions in different countries?
16:02 How do users discover this?
17:16 Have any of the reviews surprised you?
18:54 Does a user have to believe this will work?
19:59 The next step
22:01 Social media and the Flow community
23:25 A book that really moved Daniel


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