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May 3, 2022

Habits & Health episode 64 with Adele Spraggon, behavioural Expert. Her book "Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment" has won awards and transforming how people are setting and achieving their goals.

Adele is an award-winning author, thought leader, and international speaker and trainer who has been awarded the 2020, Woman of Inspiration Award, and in 2021, was recognized as the Top Behavioural Expert of the Year.

After decades of feeling stuck in patterns of procrastination, avoidance and quitting, all of which had her living her life below her fullest potential, Adele set out on a journey of discovery and learning. Her inquiry? Why the personal and professional methodologies she was following did not work for her. The result is the creation of her proprietary 4 Step Repatterning Technique, which she delivers through a member portal called the Pattern Maker Hub. Today she supports thousands globally to achieve extraordinary levels of happiness, peace of mind, prosperity, goal-achievement and life-fulfilment.

Some of the topics we discuss in this episode:

  • As a behavioural change expert, what she feels is the root cause of procrastination and overwhelm
  • The best advice you can give someone to help them achieve their goals
  • Why she studied human behaviour
  • How working with brain-patterns differs from working with other personal development methods

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